Wednesday, 2 November 2011

In which pages are received and Indies are almost A-GoGo!

Progress Report

Can I just say that again?


(Turns out, yes I can.)

This week Mr Shane W Smith broke the sound barrier, or the space-time continuum, or at least some kind of federal law to get his 9-page submission in. Fully inked, coloured and lettered. And it looks **good**. The man's a genius.

The pagecount for "official" EOIs is up past 50, now...
There are a number of people who have been dreaming aloud, talking about their ideas or plans for a comic - even going so far as to discuss page breakdowns! - but I haven't counted their pages unless something has arrived in the inbox!

Of course, as I've said before, you don't need to send an EOI in, but it really helps our editorial process if you do; and it would be really appreciated.
But enough on that!

Riddle me this...
We've been looking into lots of different ways to get this book funded.
Apparently, Kickstarter (our initial idea) is out, because you need to have both an US bank account AND US address (something to do with Amazon's payment system).

So it looks like IndieGoGo will be our crowdfunding platform of choice!

Now, we're trying to make our book stand out from the crowd (of other projects that are trying to stand out). This is where you can help, by answering these questions three:
Think back to the last time you dropped some money on a kickstarter/indiegogo campaign:
  • How did you hear about the project?
  • What made you decide to support the project - did they say or do anything to catch your attention?
  • What incentives would you expect or like to see for supporters of a project like ours?

If you have an answer for any or all of these questions, leave us a comment below, send us an email, tweet at us with the #BeginningsAnthology hashtag, or comment on the facebook page.

And if you're local (or passing through), we have a meetup at the Wig & Pen at 2pm on this coming Sunday, and every Monday at Max Brenner Belconnen from 6.30pm - come along and say hi!

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