Thursday, 24 November 2011

Incentives - Art Critique - Steven Sanders

Art Critique by Steven Sanders

Steven Sanders' artwork speaks for itself! His run on Marvel’s S.W.O.R.D. was gorgeous and his recent one-shot, Our Love Is Real, was insanely successful for a self-published comic, selling out and getting picked up by Image for a reprint.

Steven is generously offering an art portfolio critique if you pledge $100 to the Beginnings Anthology Indiegogo campaign.

So, what is an art portfolio critique?

If you are a comics artist, and you have a stack of pin ups, covers, sketches, and sequential pages, then it is usually best to get others to look it all over and provide you with feedback. We are so rarely able to be objective about our art because we are too close to it. Friends and family don’t want to upset – or just don’t have enough knowledge – and so a professional can offer you the wisdom and honestly we all so sorely need, and honestly desire.

Steven Sanders will look through samples of your artwork and deliver feedback in regards to your style, your proficiency, the things you could work on to improve, and the things you are currently doing really well. This is the sort of thing most artists wait in line for hours at cons or pay or big money for... And this time it’s delivered by a guy who has been in the industry a while: he's had experience in self-publishing and working for a major publisher. He’s worked on big projects, and he knows what he’s talking about.

If you’ve got some art and the desire to improve then you need to get the Steven Sanders Art Critique – just $100 and you help yourself and you help the Beginnings Anthology get fully funded.


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