Friday, 14 October 2011

Call for submissions

The ACT Comic Meet is curating an anthology of short comics by Australian* comic artists, writers and creators, which we intend to publish in full colour as a small run in March 2012.

The working title of the anthology is

In the Beginnings…

We are accepting submissions of comics that are:
• ‘All Ages’- friendly – nothing you wouldn’t see on a PG-rated tv show;
• 1-10 pages in length;
• Formatted for A5 printing;
• Full colour or black and white;
• Any style, any genre;
• A self-contained story using original characters**;
• Produced by individuals or groups;
• Based around or include in some way the theme ‘Beginnings’;

What are the Timeframes

Submissions of completed comics are due by midnight 1 February 2012.

If you would like us to find an artist for your strip, please submit your complete script by midnight 1 December 2011 to give the artist time to complete the project.

If you are an artist who would like to be matched up with a writer, please email us a link to your online portfolio/somewhere we can see samples of your art – so we can match you with a suitable script.

We would appreciate an emailed Expression of Interest (listing contact name, working title, anticipated length, and genre) so we can take this into consideration (and so we know who to chase) as the deadlines draw nearer!

What’s in it for you?

A contributor’s copy of the finished anthology, and discounted additional copies.

Any Questions?

We’re happy to talk through any questions/concerns with you – send us an email, or if you’re in Canberra, come along to one of our meetups!

* Australianness of participants is open to negotiation - we won't be checking for naturalisation papers or birth certificates, but we also don't want to exclude the non-Australians who have contributed to the awesomeness of ACT (and other) comic meets and online comics communities!

** Doesn't have to be original for this anthology - use your own properties by all means; but ACT Comic Meet takes no responsibility for copyright or IP infringement. If you are using someone else's characters, get permission first... and us to demand proof!

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