Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Short Update...

Plans are afoot, my friends!

Now that we have the contributions to the Anthology simmering along nicely, we are starting to look at the more practical side of things - funding.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are using IndieGoGo to crowdsource the funding for this project. Our funding campaign starts on Thursday - less than 48 hours away! - and I'm getting really nervous and excited at the thought of putting it out there!

I don't think anyone will mind me giving you a sneak peak at some of the excellent perks that have been donated from industry professionals who are helping us to get this book funded. For example - the four perks that we are kicking our campaign off with are:

A 9 x 12 commission sketch by Justin Greenwood, artist on Oni's Resurrection and Wasteland!

An art portfolio critique by Steven Sanders, artist for Marvel's S.W.O.R.D., Generation Hope, and Image's Five Fists of Science!

A 10-page comic script analysis by Kurtis Wiebe, the writer of Green Wake and The Intrepids for Image Comics! and

A 22-page comic script analysis Justin Jordan - the writer of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode from Image Comics!

...and these, my friends, are just the beginnings - we'll have more for you as these ones get snapped up!

The perks will also include a limited number of pre-ordered copies of the book, as well as prints of artwork created for this anthology.

Our IndieGoGo page is: http://www.indiegogo.com/In-the-Beginnings-A-comic-anthology  - check back on Thursday morning (Sydney time) if it isn't coming up for you yet!

Social Media
We are now all connected up on Facebook and Twitter, and we'll be broadcasting updates via social media before it gets to the blog... so come join us!

We still have some room left for short comics - so if you have been planning to get something in, let us know! The deadline for completed pieces is 1 February.

We also have a couple of longer scripts requiring artists; and two artists who are looking to work with writers on shorter scripts. Contact us if you're interested and would like to know more!

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  1. The beautiful thing is:

    These are just our first perks.

    As they get snapped up we'll roll out other awesome perks that you will want as well.