Wednesday, 15 February 2012

We Got You Covered

A little while ago, we put a call out via Twitter, Facebook and other means to find cover art for the anthology.

We got a few expressions of interest and thanks to all of those who emailed us, you're all super, but when we were approached by none other than Jon Sommariva, we couldn't say no to what he had in store for us.

Emma-Jean, Katie, Ryan and myself met Jon in the now infamous Wig & Pen pub (which I know hold responsible for housing every major decision in Canberra, ever), where we discussed ideas for what he would do with the cover.

In the time since then he has delivered and what we got is amazing, what I had in my head from his description didn't even come close to what we found in the Beginnings inbox. Amazing, just amazing.

Recently, via his Twitter account, Jon shared a little sneaky peeky of his work, here it is again, for those who may have missed it...