Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Day I Destroyed the World - call for submissions!

Submissions are open for ACT Comic Meet's next collaborative anthology: The Day I destroyed The World

Unlike 'Beginnings', this will be a much smaller anthology with much tighter deadlines. The art and story telling will therefore be mind-blowing, as complete stories are told in only two pages each!

Submissions will be accepted from past/present/future attendees of the ACT Comic Meet (and associated groups/meetups/projects). If you want to participate and you're not sure you'll be allowed, tweet/fb/email us and ask! (The answer will probably be yes.)

The brief:
  • Two pages. No more, no less.
  • Black and White. Greyscale is ok, too.
  • To be printed at A5.
  • Any style of sequential art.
  • Any genre (so long as the story is about the day I destroyed the world.)
  • No *rating* per se; but we reserve the right to not include any gratuitous or offensive submissions. The story is what's important.
Deadline is next Meetup - first Sunday in June 2013.

Email/dropbox to
Why are we doing this? Good question!
We'll be trooping up to Sydney for Supanova, with a table laden with Beginnings merch, Liedekijn art and books, and other books-and-things by ACT Comic Meet types. Plus con sketches and commissions by some of us. Given that it's going to be a big weekend, we wanted to have something new and exciting to spruik at the table - and thus the anthology was conceived. As it were.
Legal/Financial stuff
By submitting to this anthology, you agree:
You own the art and story - you are letting us publish it as part of this anthology in hard copy or digital format.
We will credit you (as your preferred nom de guerre) as the creator and owner of the work.
Each submission will receive one creator's copy of the anthology.
The cost of publishing/printing the anthology will be borne by ACT Comic Meet. Any profit will go towards funding the next ACT Comic Meet project.