Saturday, 7 January 2012

Preview da Pages

The deadline is whooshing towards us... and as the grindstone scrapes along some artistic noses, sparks of visual delight are dropping our way.
Below are sketches, inked drawings and even some complete and coloured panels that the contributors towards Beginnings are happy to tease us with.

By Ele Jenkins. Lineart for 'Heartland' written by Tom Dullermond.

Sneaky-peek of a panel drawn, inked and coloured by Emma-Jean Stewart

 A few inked scenes from Katie Ryan's 'Feather Whisker'

A claw-chewing panel by Mike Perry

Pre-ordering of 'Beginnings' for a puny $20 is available right now through our Indigogo Page or by contacting us directly at

The ACT comic group as a whole would love to thank our many talented contributors. Now put your noses back on them grindstones thingies! 

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