Sunday, 18 December 2011

Steven Sanders' Five Fists of Science Original Art Perk

Choose this page or any you desire.
Steven Sanders is a great artist. This much is fact. He’s worked on a number of Marvel titles (S.W.O.R.D., Generation Hope) but back in the day he cut his teeth with a little OGN called Five Fists Of Science. Steven drew the pages and the words came from Matt Fraction. For just $150 you get the chance to own a page of original art from this book and the best part is you can choose any page you like.

If you’ve ever read Five Fists of Science, you’ll know there are plenty of crazy pages to choose from. There is so much fun in that book and the only problem will be limiting it to just one page. Pick your page, drop your money, and enjoy the treasure that lasts forever.

EDIT: we have this perk on sale - until our funding campain closes on Saturday 21/1/12 (Sydney time), or until someone snaps it up!

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